Andrew Baczewsk to give a talk on January 28th, 16h Lisbon (8h California)

Speaker: Andrew Baczewsk

Title: Prospects for simulating warm dense matter on quantum computers

Abstract:Warm dense matter is typified by the coexistence of electron degeneracy and thermal effects. The quantum nature of the constituent electrons requires that their dynamics obey the Schroedinger equation, the solution of which suffers from a notorious curse of dimensionality. The cost of curing this curse on classical computers is a dilemma – the choice between accuracy and efficiency. But quantum computers promise to enable us to have both accuracy and efficiency. In this talk, I will describe the prospects for realizing this in the context of simulating warm dense matter. First, I will motivate the need for quantum simulation with a discussion of the state of the art in simulation on classical computers. Then, I will describe work that our group has done to improve the efficiency of simulation algorithms in the NISQ era. Finally, I will provide estimates for what it will take to realize significant advantages beyond the NISQ era, and point to important open problems specific to warm dense matter.

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