About us

The epp team is the theory and simulation team of the Group for Lasers and Plasmas, one of the groups of the Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear at IST. Our team combines theory and massively parallel simulations to address the highly nonlinear scenarios associated with extreme conditions in the laboratory and in astrophysics involving relativistic flows or high intensity electromagnetic fields. We use the largest supercomputers in the World to address several longstanding scientific questions.

As part of GoLP, we are committed to continuously “raising the bar” and to pursue GoLP’s mission.


GoLP mission statement

The activities of GoLP are focused on research and advanced training in Plasma Physics, Advanced Photonics and Advanced Computing, through (i) research in frontier questions, grounded on a culture of entrepreneurship, creativity, and international collaboration, (ii) the outstanding quality of our members, and (iii) the commitment to the scientific and technological development of Portugal and Europe. Our aim is to be recognized as one of the best research groups in our field through the reputation of our researchers, the quality of our students, and the successes of our alumni.

In our vision, GoLP (i) assumes a leading role in our fields, (ii) is a central hub for new ideas/approaches, exciting discoveries/developments; (iii) is a magnet for outstanding students, post-docs and researchers; (iv) provides an exciting research environment similar to the best; (v) sustains its scientific breakthroughs through a unique interplay between theory, simulation and experiments.



GoLP members @ GoLP 2013 Winter Retreat in Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon, December 20, 2013