ZPIC internship announcement

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with an interest on computational physics and theory for a research internship. The selected candidate will work on the zpic.edu framework, a new open source computational toolkit for plasma physics education developed by IST researchers. The young researcher will build a world-class virtual laboratory for plasma physics education, by designing simulations to explore some of the most fundamental aspects of plasma physics and by adding new advanced features to the toolkit.

We are looking for 3rd or 4th year MEFT students with a successful academic track record. The research internship will be supported by a fellowship. We will hire for an initial period of 1 semester (6 months) with the possibility to renew the scholarship for another semester. The selected candidate will conduct his/her activities within the plasma simulation team in the Group for Lasers and Plasmas at IPFN/IST.

Send your application via email to jorge.vieira at ist.utl.pt with a complete CV including the grades of all classes attended, a motivation letter, and any additional material that might be of relevance. The deadline for submissions is on April 14th, 2017.

The poster of the zpic internship announcement can be found here.