Extreme Plasma Physics at Les Houches Plasma Physics School

2019 Les Houches Plasma Physics School

Thomas G and Fabio C attended the 2019 Les Houches Plasma Physics School, held on May 13-24 at École des Physique des Houches, in the Chamonix Valley. The school, focused on the multiple approaches to plasma physics, from laboratory to astrophysics, covered a wide range of fundamental aspects of plasma physics, as well as on the state-of-the-art in many of its sub-disciplines. Thomas G delivered a lecture on “Extreme Plasma Physics”, and Fabio C gave a contributed talk on “Particle-in-cell simulations of pair discharges at pulsar polar caps”. With his presentation, Fabio C was awarded the best talk prize, sponsored by the Journal of Plasma Physics. More information about the school is available here.