A recent report of the United States Department of Energy “Quantum for Fusion, Fusion for Quantum” has highlighted several opportunities for scientific discovery and technology advances at the interface of quantum computing and quantum technologies with fusion and plasma physics.

With the goal of fostering and promoting the dialogue across these two areas and to promote the interdisciplinary interaction between the researchers working in these fields, the Group of Lasers and Plasmas at IPFN, and the Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group at IT will host a series of monthly discussion sessions on Quantum for Plasmas & Plasmas for Quantum.

Everyone is welcomed to attend. Each session will include a summary or review talk of 30 minutes followed by a discussion of 30 minutes. The discussion sessions will run once per month, and will be hosted by Yasser Omar and Luis O. Silva.

Spring 2021

26 March 2021 2.00pm
Andrew Childs, University of Maryland
Efficient quantum algorithm for dissipative nonlinear differential equations

28 May 2021 5.00pm
Yuhan Shi, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Using quantum computers to simulate a toy problem of laser-plasma interactions

2 July 2021 3.00pm
Óscar Amaro, GoLP/IPFN/IST
Towards quantum simulation of extreme plasmas

23 July 2021 5.00pm
Ilon Joseph, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Quantum Simulation of Nonlinear Classical and Semiclassical Dynamics

Fall 2020

30 October 2020 1.30pm
Delbert Murphy, Microsoft
A Full-Stack Approach to Quantum Computing

27 November 2020 1.30pm
Marija Vranic, GoLP/IPFN/IST
Plasma physics behind the first works on quantum algorithms applied in plasmas

18 December 2020 1.30pm
Ilya Dodin, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University
Does quantum computing look promising for plasma simulations?

29 January 2021 5.00pm
Alexander Engel, University of Colorado Boulder
Developing efficient quantum algorithms for classical plasma simulation

Spring 2020

27 March 2020 2.00pm
Nuno Loureiro, MIT
The DOE Report: a personal vision

30 April 2020 6.00pm
Yasser Omar, DM/IST & IT
A brief introduction to Quantum Computation and Quantum Simulation

29 May 2020 4.30pm
Ricardo Fonseca, ISCTE-IUL & GoLP/IPFN/IST
Plasma simulations on classical computers

26 June 2020 4.30pm
Duarte Magano, IST & IT
Introduction to Quantum Algorithms